Bakery and Confectionery Exhibition «ARTON»

ARTON gives new spirit to the market with innovative thematic sections and special events.

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Εcclesiastical items exhibition «ORTHODOXIA»

Exhibition of Ecclesiastical items ΟRTHODOXIA presents and promotes the ecclesiastical area and its symbols, symbols that over the years decorate the religious sites of Orthodox Churches and Monasteries..

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Ιnternational Funeral & Cemetery equipment expo "FUNERAL"

The most important event for Funeral Offices and Cemeteries, brings together professionals of the industry and creates opportunities for successful new partnerships.

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Exhibition of gift items, decoration, household use, glass, lighting, furniture and tourist items.

triti Exhibition of Business and advertising gift.
prolife Bakery and Confectionery Exhibition.
pando Exhibition of Employee Personal Protection and Safety Means.
dorogrammi Exhibition for quality nutrition, health and quality of life.
zyma Exhibition for the Third Age. Products, technology, services, workshops, presentations.